Myself In Life

What about science, school, and stuff? Sims3, Nightcore, RCT3 - who am I?

Web Codex

The web needs a codex! This are my suggestions for it!, to make the internet a better place, for us all.

MC and Bukkit

While learning Java I wrote some mods and plugins for MC, too. Here you'll find all my important projects.

Better World Plans

You dislike things? Me too, and here are my ideas about how to make the world a better place for us. From political systems, over food, to simple things like chemical smells.

My Blender Projects

The story of my Blender projects :)

My sisters website

She is a 3D artists, working a lot with Blender.

My Youtube Career

"Career" :D

Lexica Antonio

Some of my ideas about some topics, philosophical in some ways.

Most beautiful quotes made about me

It's another view about who I am, because I didn't say this myself. This was said by other people, mostly friends.


I exported the data from G+, imported it into my database, created thumbnails, and wrote the design stuff etc around it :)


Learn songs by singing them together with your star, including repetitions like in music class in school :D.

Elemental Community

Combine elements, create your own, and add custom recipes!

PC/iOS-web version at

Estagency - Trade with great property!

Real Estate Agency - trade and make money with great touristic attractions, restaurants, hotels or houses!


Create your own RPGs, including complex story lines and simulated feelings of characters (by using JS)!, simple and free :).

AI-Puzzle - Thinking like AI

Learn to think like AI, and you'll understand them and their restrictions.


Gregtech New Horizons, a hardcore technic Minecraft modpack: its map, what I discovered with Kamil, my partner on the server.

Synchronized Metronome

Sync your metronomes and clocks for your band!

It's my first big website and contains a 3D game to simulate a life in all situations and ways you can imagine!

Shooter Challenge

Shooter game for a challenge by Gynvael Coldwind

FallingTrees Bukkit plugin

Adds gravity to trees in Minecraft ;).

MoBlocks-API for Bukkit

A plugin api that allows you to have more blocks in Minecraft < 1.8.


The DiaPusher plugin allows you to compress coal to diamonds in Minecraft :D

Uniport Webserver

A Bukkit mod+plugin to implement a webserver running on the same port as the original Minecraft server

My Youtube Channel

Where I made Minecraft videos, sometimes together with Alex = Himm Dawg :D


The largest code sharing platforms using Git. Some of my projects are published there.

Snap sche Cat

My Snapchat Account, follow!, if I have some followers I might create content regularly.
About my university life, exams ;), my Lego city and such :D.


A replacement for G+?... sadly you've to be logged in and added to see my stuff...


My Reddit account, to communicate with other users on there.

VK, the new G+?

Ogata Rin, a person on G+ I really liked for his/her pictures, meant it is the most relaxing social network and it doesn't have the 8GB limit like MeWe :D

My Twitter Account

I rarely use it...


I use it not that often... but you can add/write me, if you want to :).

My Steemit Account

Like G+, Twitter, or Facebook, not that much used because of the content there...


The great and powerful calculator app, able to calculate and plot with complex numbers, matrices and more :)

AI - Artificial Ignorance ^^

It's a nice problem and a nice way to get a new view about how ourselfes work.


Scripting JS on the go, code on your mobile devices; plus, if you have no mail access, you can use it to send mails XD.

Statistics Tool

It helped me quite a lot with the analysis of the experimental-physics-experiments :D, plus it's simple and free to use for you, too ;D.


My try to learn about weather predictions.


Emulator of the Deluxe Processor Architecture of the University of Jena

Phychi Forum

A forum for my Phychi game: completely coded myself, like a lot of the others, too

Old version of this

The old 2017 page


an app for the mobile unfriendly Friedolin system of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena


Express your thoughts and feelings in a graph :D, it might make reasoning simpler.

The Dollar Game

Mobile game inspired by the YouTube channel Numberphile.

How to code?

Click here to get started into the endless, beautiful world of coding!

And never forget: have fun! :D

Revolver Game

Learning game like in GTA V for hacking