Loveliest Quotes about me


I write this page because I am not a robot; I feel with those sentences and they can keep me beeing strong.

Why is here nothing about Rabea? Because it's so long ago that I don't remember (and I had to forget a little (wasn't able to stand by the past, a not ended relationship starting into a new one), so I forgot... to be able to try with Alex... but I didn't forgot enough, didn't have enough courage to say it (I showed her it in my action, through not kissing cuz I was afraid of that because often people (from kindergarden and school) were laughting at kissing people in films or worse), I kept trying and lost her... end of that story but my dreams about her and my feelings for her)

By Alexandra S., former best friend and crush (and class mate)

"Ich mag dich ♥" (and a kiss on my cheek before; we're not in the France, we're in cold Germany!)

The rest probably because she had a crush on me, too... *crying and nearly dying* [writing this in little because she'd kill me for publishing it, her last name is Schmauder for all who wonder...]

"Er ist eine Hexe." (Verbrennt ihn?)
"Er ist ein Matheass."

"He is a witch." and "He is an ace of maths." because I knew a lot and am good at mathematics.

By Kamil Sokol, my GTNH partner and best online friend (alias fifa12343)

"[...] and except sometimes you make sick ton of progress out of nowhere in gtnh i like ur programming skills, helping newbies and the kindness +ingame quotes/text and printed images."
"no matter what happens, never forget who you are"

By Nick, Kevin, and Alex, former class mates and friends there

"Du zählst nicht!"

"You don't count!" in their statistics like "everyone has/does ..." where I almost ever said me not.

This moment when you realisze reading between the lines gets a new meaning :)

By Alex (ander Koch), best friend from school, former class mate, now studying nearly the same as me in the same city.

"Wir sind doch nicht so krass wie du!"

"Remember, we're not that crass like you.", because I am not that bad at programming and mathematics... (He had an A in maths in 12th class, too)

By Louise Schöder, team leader of the final high school newspaper, from the parallel class

"[Hi,] unser göttlicher Formatierer hat das Werk vollbracht! [...]"

"[Hi], our divine formatter has accomplished the work! [...]", "Hi" because it was an email to the other members of the final-newspaper group; still I don't know what was the divine reason: I did it perfectly or because the newspaper was in a godly theme (Abilympia), maybe both :). Idk whether I could publish the newspaper... prob only with all emails blacked, all last names blacked and the pictures pixelated...

Another quote, still not that tight since it was written to stand somewhere forever:

"Ein Rationalist erster Klasse! Für die meisten ein eigenartiger Zeitgenosse, doch wer ihn kennengelernt hat, geht mit hängender Kinnlatte heim. Programmieren, Mathematieren und Physikieren zu jeder Zeit. Wenn´s sein muss, werden auch mal Fehler an der Lehrertafel berichtigt."

A text from the newspaper about me (was written for special funny deciplines, I won in Biggest Smart Aleck), it means: "A first class rationalist! For most people a peculiar contemporary, but who got to know him, will be astonished. Coding, Mathemating, and Physicating at anytime. If need be, the blackboard of the teacher gets corrected."