Me, Myself, and I


In my freetime I try to learn more about artificial intelligence, especially image related, and code some games and utilities, like you probably already have seen. Besides that, I like to learn about chemistry and physics, as well as a bit electronics and engineering. The channels I have subscribed to on YouTube, will tell you that as well. Minecraft is still one of my favourite computer games (yes, I sometimes play those, too ;)), next to racing games like GTA :D.

Roleplay Wishes

I liked Sims3 and so I dream of a mod that makes building like there possible, too; maybe even this role playing. Also I am sure that a world (at least a bit) like in the anime Sword Art Online will soon be possible and I'll enjoy to meet you guys from everywhere over our little world.

The Idea Of A Perfect World

Everyone has it's own tasks to make to world a bit easier, more advanced and more confortable - wait like now: yes if people allowed things to change and all power would go into sciences our world would be kind of perfect for me.

Here is an article about what I would really like to be changed.

Favorite Music

I like Nightcore. You may ask why I like this "chipmunk"-music and I'll answer that I like soft woman voices and its speed motivates me to continue constantly. Interestingly, it has been like this for a while now. I sometimes listen to so called epic music, too.

Feelings Of A Logican

I like logical things and rationalism much more than emotional nonsence.

I also like things which are pratical and dislike many things which aren't.

The meaning of life?

To me, it's to have fun, however it's meant really deeply!
E.g. if you like having contact to some humans, and care if your friend is sad, you should care to make life on earth for humans possible as long as possible because it could make him sad to know that the children of the children of his children will never have own ones.

Favorite things:


Color: Yellow

Number: 32

Music: depends a lot on my mood; from Nightcore (from general to love songs) to Rock over Dubstep to Epic, ...

Sports: Coding and thinking ;)

Season: Summer

School Subjects: Physics, Astronomics, Mathematics, Philosophy for some topics

Toy: Lego, Books and Computer Games


Most favourite: Fox, then Dolphin

Fish: Shark

Insect: Butterfly

Bird: Owl


Sweets: Chocolate (Lindt Lindor, then Milka, then Duplo)

Chocolate Candy: is no longer produced: Ferrero Rondnoir with dark chocolate core

Cookies: solche flachen, runden mit Kokoskr├╝meln auf Schokolade auf der Unterseite and "American Cookies"

Geek Stuff

OS: Linux; sadly Bluetooth has support there (besides BT is broken in itself (restriction on connections))

PC-Game: Minecraft, GTA V

Browser: Chrome(ium), Opera no longer, because it misses "modern" (2000) video codex support.

Coding-Language: Kotlin & JavaScript

Developing Environment: Android Studio / Intellij Idea & Kate, however Android Studio is soooo slow at compiling and such :(

Drawing software: GIMP

Modelling software: Blender