I know this is a lot of text; I know you surely will be impressed, but don't forget it was a lot of work. If it takes to much of you to read all of it just look for the most interesting pictures or the most interesting area or read it splitted in parts. Hover over the images to read a little more about them (PC).


It was a plugin project with several unique features and nearly completely coded of my own. It started on the spawn: there was a rotating earth below your feet.

When you solved a riddle, you were teleported to the world with all it's uniqueness:


For adding fun and difficulty I added seasons to the world, so it snowed in winter, rained in the rest, was hot in the summer and plants grew fastest in warm seasons. Also the river froze depending on the season.


More blocks just by plugins? Yes that worked in 1.7.10 and below with a special texturepack. I myself liked Conquest most, so I added also new recipes to make these blocks craftable.

A World From Satelite Data

I myself live in Jena, Germany as you may know. So I used OpenStreetMap to catch all it's data about my hometown and every street from rl became one of my world, every house a plot, the river Saale the ingame river, forests became block forests and in general the map included all area around Jena in a circle with 20km radius. I used NASA data for the heigh map with about 1pt per 70 blocks

Around the city and some little neightbor towns and villages, there was the wall of fire: a giant obsidian-lava-mountain ring to set a border for the world. Beyond this border, there you'll get into the endless dessert after a very long way. There you'll find little oases, pyramids, and obelisks. When you go further than that: at about 105km from the center you'll reach the pretty endless ocean with palms at the beaches.

A world, 5km in Height!

You might say that that's inpossible with minecraft, but that's not completely true: when you get below <16 or >240 of MyWorld, you'll get teleported to the next layer, one of 25, so this is a truly giant world. The sealevel was 700m below the top level so you can build really big things in this world.

Mining, the Nether and the End

Well it's a hardcore plugin, so the Nether was below the earth surface and below the nether you could find the end. Also the deeper you got the more iron and other ores were findable.

Mobs and The Enderdragon

Hardcore... and one End... so I made the enderdragon spawnable by a ritual. And every mod the farther you got from the city the harder they were: more lives, more damage, better armor and weapons. To make a citizen life possible the inner city was protected from bosses completely. Better mobs dropped better stuff of course.


Since 1.5, the version I started playing Minecraft, Minecraft contains Redstone: a material that allows you to create logical circuits. Building and playing with them really helped me to understand how a CPU works. You're right, you won't be the first to build a 16bit CPU online, however you can still play with and discover redstone on your own or with some help and get the understanding I got. Here are some images of some of my redstone projects:

Playing Modpacks

The time I am writing this blog, I am playing Gregtech New Horizons with Fifa12343 on the EUServer. It's a really great modpack if you love challenges and machines, magic, bees or nature.

Before I played technical modpacks, e.g. SkyFactoryII with my little sister, and I liked them a lot. When the technic launcher etc. weren't that popular, I played with my sister on my own modpacks, and plugin combinations, too. One of my biggest builds over all was done so in survival mode with a ComputerCraft cobble generator.

Th3D - The 3DProject

You want to create big things easily in minecraft? Just use a 3D editor like Blender and export the resulting object as dot obj. The 3DProject, a minecraft bukkit plugin, converts these objects into minecraft ones. It took some time to improve and make it work, but it does work now and is here downloadable

Falling Trees, Monopoly, Regular Positions, a Fishing Game, a Parkour Modification, TperDay, Diapusher and some more...

This all are plugins I wrote myself. I want to present you the most interesting ones.

Falling Trees

is surely my most famous plugin with over 20k downloads allows trees to fall down when you chop their lowest block: and they'll really fall down! Atm the are configurations for an needed enchantment and the size of the tree.


One of my first plugins but it works great. The only problem is the system of Monopoly itself that you win pretty surely if you just invest all your money as fast as possible and there's no real strategy behind. If you're interested in a download just write me.

Regular Positions

A little plugin that was requested via It will broadcast the positions of all players every 30 min.(configurable)


Making portals more impressive: activating a portal will change the environment around the portal on both sides a bit by replacing dirt and sand with netherrack and soulsand and vice versa.

Uniport WebServer

When you only have a Minecraft server, and you additionally want a web server for no cost, you can use this plugin, which turns your server into both.


What are diamonds made of? Carbon, right. Another question: what is coal made of? Exactly: carbon, too. And because diamonds can be really created by pressing coal, I made a plugin for that: you can compress coal blocks into diamonds.

Plugin Help

There are just too many commands, so this plugin helps you out. You can add help texts to existing commands, and if you type a command slightly wrong, the plugin suggests similar commands to you based on the Levenshtein distance.


You want players, e.g. for a pvp multiplayer project only to be a certain time per day on your server? This plugin will allow players to be on your server only e.g. 1 hour and kick them afterwards until the next day begun.

MoBlocks API + Conquest Addon

"More blocks in minecraft without mods? That's impossible!" Half right: but until the 1.8 optifine and a texturepack allowed you to create new blocks. The most famouse texturpack for that is Conquest. If you want to have special properties and crafting recipes for those blocks you only need to write a plugin for that. ... Well that might be a little hard for you so I created the MoBlocks API which allows you to add new blocks very easily. I also made a useable plugin myself: the one I used for my MyWorld server. If you want to create your own blocks just look into it.