Blender and Youtube


Why Blender and Youtube together in one category? One the one hand I don't have that much space for tousands of little topics, and I want you to find the things you're interested in easily. On the other hand I begun both things in nearly the same time and I continue both the same amount: nearly not. First I'll talk a little about Blender, then about Youtube

My Blender Projects, most important ones

I'll tell you only about my biggest projects, because there were little ones, which aren't worth to talk about, too. Most of this projects I made as a beginner and I learned on my own from Youtube, so please don't laugh to hard about its crappyness.


I don't know whether there was a tutorial on it, however I made an airplane to play with materials a little and create sth relatively simple from bird and top view.

Sports Car

I wanted to make a car, maybe because of the project I'll present you below. As you can see I like(d?) these figures on the front.

Blender Game Engine

To make first things that move, I gave my sports car a wasd control and a street where you can drive until you're tired (it's an 8). It gave me a good impression about how to make games in Blender, and I decided pretty fast that I'd prefer to write games in code instead of nodes.


This was absolutely a tutorial about how to make a half realistic earth with atmosphere. I made it and it looked like this:

Little Fox

The little fox (kleiner Fuchs in my mother language) is a butterfly. The fox my favorite animal and I wanted to create a simple animal so I chose this one. It was created with bones so it could fly in an animation, too (3-4 seconds). As a particle test it lose magical orange 2x2 pixel square particles xD. It looked only half as stupid as it sounds.

Later I used the same model to test my minecraft bukkit th3d plugin.

Ship and Tower of Alexandria

Later I wanted to create a little scene on a ship with tunder storm and the tower of Alexandria. The tower had a figure on top of all images I saw, so I needed a figure... But creating humans is very hard and nothing for me, so I chose a model from a free download site. She had no clothes, needed some, so I created her some :).

Finally it looked like this. However I had problems with the clouds, the fog and the horizon as you can see. Also the ship became a ghost ship because I was a little to lazy to create many details when you maybe even won't see it.

New Clothes, New Style

To give my model better clothes in a nicer environment, I designed and modelled for the woman new clothes. Around her I created a kind of sci-fi surrounding which makes her look pretty futuristic and gives her more elegance. I also created bones in her, but used them only very few, because there are ugly effects if you stretch a special part to much. This project was done in cycles as you can see and accordingly it has really nice shadows and lighting. Also you should see a development: I became better.

Icy Room

To test new things like normal maps, I created a new scene, same woman, a new crone. As you can see there is a bed out of ice with chisseled hearts in it. On it you can see the soft cover and fluffy pillows. Everything together in a room of ice!

My Youtube Career, from designing and playing to rendering

Technical things first as you'll need them if you want to start with Youtube yourself:

- You'll need sth to record. I started with testing a minecraft mod(horribly low fps), changed then to Fraps and got at least some fps. Later when I streamed (2 times over all), I used OBS. When OBS is well configurated, you can use it to record videos, too.

- Also you may want to get your videos cut. I used Microsoft Movie Maker first and changed then to an official unlimited Camtasia version in which Camtasia says: "Couldn't connect to the servers. I'll check you're properties when I am back online.". It's really better than Microsoft Movie Maker.

- You surely want to upload your videos too, and don't want to upload in 420p, so you might want to use a nice compression program, too. I prefer Handbreak where you can set the quality of your video without recognicable losses in moved scenes.

- Videoediting will take lots of your time, and is part of your youtube career. If you want to like making videos you've to like this, too.

First Videos

My first tries of videos still are kept on my computer but I never published them because there is no real content. Just testing for voice, music volume, etc. You'll need to do that too, if you want to be understood.

First Published Videos

My first video of all I published was a review about the earth I built in Minecraft with my sister (and #Th3D).

The First Project

My first project together with HimmDawg (alias CyberSarge) and BlackStar was FMS, the new sickness, no FlatMapSurvival. It's about surviving on a laggy aternos server, and in a vanilla flat world, and first getting to the nether. If you wonder: yes it's possible, just watch this series :).

First Plugin Review

After I uploaded the first FMS series, I made a review about my fun plugin DiaPusher which allows you to compress coal blocks to diamonds.

Extreme Spleef

A minecraft minigame where you shot fire and lightning arrows to the woolen island of the other until one of the players dies my lightning, fire, or falling into the lava.

FlatMapSurvival II, III, and IV

In FMS II I was stupid and walked into the same directing like BlackStar, so there was less loot of course. So I killed him, but soon after, there came a spider killing me while lagging from the back. FMS III and IV run similar. I just died from the lagg of the aternos server and couldn't escape slimes... Because of that there is only one video for FMS II and one for III and IV together.

DiaPusher II and FallingTrees

After that I made a video about my update for the diapusher plugin, and about my plugin FallingTrees which lets you fell trees down, so that they really fall. The falling trees plugin is has the most view all over my channel, because the falling trees plugin is relatively popular with ~8k downloads, and every third downloader on the dev.bukkit site clicks on that video, too. You should know that such a video has many clicks but only few minutes compared to it's lenght, to if you want to keep a good youtube image don't link videos to sites where they get more clicks than what your video is good. Especially don't link a german video from an english site.

Last Project With CyberSarge and BlackStar

To grow in youtube is hard, very hard, and there's no feedback from viewers, especially when your channel is small, and you need it the most. Because of that CyberSarge and me stopped to make public projects together because it looked as if nobody was interested in those. The last project however has a lot of good content: first logics, commands and planning, also a little creative building. After that first part when the base was built, the action begun:

The Redstone-Commandblock-Battle in which both teams: me and BlackStar VS CyberSarge, built a fortress with command blocks and redstone which has to be completed by the builders first and then the other team has three tries to finish it. Watch the videos if you're interested in the whole progress, and maybe even the building part (german). Below the video I'll write a little summary for all those lazy chicks who don't want to watch this video ;) or just don't understand it.

Me and BlackStar built a fortress based on a long staircase with empty steps between until you get onto a floating platform. On there you've to carefully inspect what blocks are secure: they were sandblocks with tnt below and pressure plates on them. Some of them had wool below instead and were secure for jumping on them. On the platform, there were 15 buttons with numbers as mathematical therms which open a gate when you press them in the right order which let's you win then.

CyberSarges fortress was more complicated and built with many command blocks, flying blocks, raining tnt, and awesome little quests...

If you want to see or fight trought the fortresses just watch those videos: the sound and the voices aren't that extremly important, so you may watch it even if you don't understand german.

If you don't watch the series just read this summary: our, my and BlackStars fortress was harder than expected and CyberSarge reached the top of the platform only on his third try. Sadly he forgot the tnt and fell into the platform below, survived, and then jumped even deeper and died there. The try to get into the final room of the fortress of CyberSarge was more complex and interesting. But lots of things had little problems, so CyberSarge had to tp us forth/back some times, and there happened things which shouldn't have happend, e.g. an exploding room in which there shouldn't be explosions at all... Also there was a stream of lava from this explosion which killed me another time, and yeah... but CyberSarge allowed us to continue his fortress until we finally ended in the room with the goldblock we should get. Whether we won or it was undecided it still unclear. It was really fun and that's the important thing.

Th3d and Ultra Hardcore Bug on 1.7.2 Server

After that my next videos was a preview about the power of my th3d plugin, and a funny bug which was created randomly on my local 1.7.2 server so that time run extremly fast. I'll link the video for the time bug here.

Golden Challenge

The Golden Challenge, a modpack project I wanted to play with seven other players, in whose we build a big nice city and try to get to the highest technical things until we nearly can sixtuple ores. The project should have been a nice building project with a city that develops from stone and wood over iron nicer things to a city built of gold. That's why I called the project Golden Challenge: it was the goal to built a city with the worthiest materials we could get.

Sadly BlackStars computer was to bad, CyberSarge didn't want to modpacks because vanilla is cooler, my sister wanted to write in another way when recording (though she knew I was recording, she was very angry after that), her friends and JuliancLP, who would have played with me, were to stupid to install the modpack -.-

So the project ended before it really begun ;(

The first video of this playlist is the trailer which you can watch in every language :)

My Last Video?, Explanation of Th3D

My last video for a long time, luckily relatively often watched, too, is the explanation of my th3d plugin which builds objects from .obj files in minecraft. I also wrote the subtitle you can translate in any language you want. This subtitle used 4h of my time, so you might want to try it XD.

A Big Comeback?

While playing the modpack Sky by German Youtubers to test it, I discovered two really nice things I wanted to spread. It might be a start into new videos but I fear it's not.

Few weeks after that, Fifa12343 alias Kamil wished a tutorial about how to print pixelart with OpenComputers and two self written programs in Minecraft. Of course I fullfilled that wish and made a tutorial which finally was a good one on the fourth try. (My sister called the tumbnail clickbait, but I don't think it's real clickbait, just an interesting looking title image)

The time I am writing this, my channel had 6000 views all together (2016).