Codex Of The Internet


The world of internet has not existed for that long, so I suggest a Codex, a list of rules everyone should follow. Please share if you like the ideas, or write me, what you'd like better/add here.


Sincerely or "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" (German) or something similar is really annoying and was created once messages were very slow, because they were delivered by postal services, maybe even just by horses. That no longer is the case, and if you've installed a email client on your machine, you even can respond in a few seconds, just after a message arrived. This is nearly as fast as a normal verbal conversation.

Therefore I suggest to only write Hello- and Goodbye, if it's the first message, and the otherone is likely not going to repond to that message.

This should make emails faster, easier to use, and remind old people of the conversations you can have with it.


A chat is a means of texting-communication over the internet, which is not over email. Sincerely is unapproviate there already. That's great! ;). Emojis, or smileys may seem childish, but they can replace your feelings about something relatively well, so please always write with smileys, even if you are pissed or angry! This really helps the other person and is only fair, because in the real world, you'd see those feelings, too.

Also from a perspective of someone, who wants to write with you, and there is no explicit nor implicit feelings, it's hard to interpret your position on something, especially whether you're a little more or less interested in something!

So please, always use smileys! They can be used rather well, especially in no formal contexts with emails and letters, too. For the format ones, we hopefully will be the first generation, which gets this working, so you can use them there, too :D.

My second suggestion, which applies to emails, too, is that, if you really probably won't answer somebody anymore, e.g. because you're very angry on them, keep it simple (KISS principile :D), and block them, so the other side doesn't have to think about ways, how he could reach you with different words. (because you're not going to answer anyways)


Another rule, I want to talk about, is when there is a topic, group discussion, where the last answer was more than a month ago:

If you thing it's avoidable to answer (and it's no solution, which could help other readers later), avoid it, because those people haven't thought about those topics for a long time! All of them need to get back into the topic to answer your question...

Luckily this rule already is well established. Be a part of it and follow it :).

Last Words

This were the things that were the heaviest on my heart. If you disagree or agree, if you'd like to, you can write me :).

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