How to make the world a better place:


This site is about things I'd love to have changed in my everyday life. If this things were changed, the world would be a nicer place for me.


Give all decisions to absolutely rational and child friendly persons!

Cut trade with war leading and war helping nations.

If possible reward intelligent people for making children more than "stupid" ones. In our world of robotics we don't need super slow minds nor tons of muscle mass on a body. However still keep the variation!


Having different languages all over the world is... like 21th century! Just put a law that merges all languages within 50-70 years. Keep special, traditional and beautiful words. Make the writing system to What-You-Write-Is-What-You-Hear. German is much better in that than English and Frensh, still it has problems, too. "Sch" and "ch" should have their own letters, all midword e's should be some ä, because it's spoken in that way (ofc make ä different looking since you can't write it fast). Keep all functional words short. Spaces like in english are absolutely ok. A melody like in Frensh could underline the grammar more. However some flexible grammer is needed! Germans system of writing Things big and functional and descriptive words small, is also a nice thing. Genders shouldn't exist much in a language, escpecially not for things. The system for male/female words from spanish would be nice for animals plus some extension for unknown/general gender. If you know more about other useful things or have good ideas, write me :).

Food Industries

Slowly reduce sugar and spice values everywhere, so the tongues get pure feeling again. For elder people... idk - but there should some solution for people who can't taste that well anymore, too.

Perfumes and Smells

Ban perfumed toilet paper from the world! I don't want my hands to smell like a chemical perfume deposit!

Generally ban some chemical smells from the world. Natural it sometimes is so much nicer. No smell is a better smell for most things (not food).

(Not needed smells: After Shave, Wet Wipes, Hand Cream, Soap, ... (will add more when it annoys me a lot))


Officially split religion from politics and money systems EVERYWHERE. Religion is only in your head and I don't want to see it. Religion never helped people. Rationalism is much better, so teach don't teach your children sth that causes only bad situations. Believing in a better future made by yourself is much more lovely than to believe a god that will send you to heaven when the world collapses.

Show your children how beautiful love is. I often saw films in which a kiss was seen with disgust.

Show your children how wonderful a world without drugs (the addicting making stuff) is and show smoking and drinking as uncool.


As a part of the throwaway society, which is seen by a lot/all buinessman as necessary, and good, fashion even shortens the live span of clothing by bringing the consumer to dislike things, and to buy new, modern things.

Think about everyone of us wearing their things twice as long; for all beauty, and fashion queens meaning to become independend of fashion which would result in an even longer product lifespan.

You know the conditions in which the clothes are produced. They are not (always, escpecially modern things) cheap - cost you money. As a child without own income clothes can lower your status - out of your reach of control. Maybe look up the Aral Lake :).

Therefore I highly recommend you to not follow the newest fashion! USE what is there.

Throwaway Society

Why aren't things repairable? Constructed to be broken, metal gears next to plastic ones, constructed to break, to be replaced. This is anything but environmentally friendly! Make things repairable again, maybe include courses for repairing stuff in school, make them stable, and maybe even reusable as something else again! It WON'T COST MUCH MORE, at maximum 10 or 20%. (DDR)

Environmental protection by law

- increase petrol taxes

- make a short way to work profitable, a long one costly! For both industry and people!

- use hydrostatic/tide power generators and reneable power sources more

- forbid dayly/weekly papers: at max 1/month for all printed information sources! Force them to go digital

- maybe raise taxes for bad web designs in sence of efficiency: it costs a lot of data = electricity = coal/oil/nuclear/... power

- make world wide general internet laws: that a domain is free to decide what laws it wants to take WHILE have to write that on that site: secure sites will be secure, insecure ones not

- use curvy lines in law, no steps: maths can do it!, e.g. for gurantee on a thing there must not be a sharp edge! Make things go smooth, make things being durable profitable | or taxes: make them smooth, converging

- maybe dissolve all publishing rights for printed books: make digital versions nicer

- add high taxes on advertising, maybe forbid it, because social media should have enough influence for all good products to be know

You and me.

I know you feel different in some matters - don't feel fighted/attacked if you'd do so. This is my view above our little world.

If you should have gotten a nice idea from this collection of ideas, pls add my name in your paper if you publish it :) Thx.