My Blender Projects, most important ones


I'll tell you only about my biggest projects, because there were little ones, which aren't worth to talk about, too. Most of this projects I made as a beginner and I learned on my own from Youtube, so please don't laugh to hard about its crappyness.


I don't know whether there was a tutorial on it, however I made an airplane to play with materials a little and create sth relatively simple from bird and top view.

Sports Car

I wanted to make a car, maybe because of the project I'll present you below. As you can see I like(d?) these figures on the front.

Blender Game Engine

To make first things that move, I gave my sports car a wasd control and a street where you can drive until you're tired (it's an 8). It gave me a good impression about how to make games in Blender, and I decided pretty fast that I'd prefer to write games in code instead of nodes.


This was absolutely a tutorial about how to make a half realistic earth with atmosphere. I made it and it looked like this:

Little Fox

The little fox (kleiner Fuchs in my mother language) is a butterfly. The fox my favorite animal and I wanted to create a simple animal so I chose this one. It was created with bones so it could fly in an animation, too (3-4 seconds). As a particle test it lose magical orange 2x2 pixel square particles xD. It looked only half as stupid as it sounds.

Later I used the same model to test my minecraft bukkit th3d plugin.

Ship and Tower of Alexandria

Later I wanted to create a little scene on a ship with tunder storm and the tower of Alexandria. The tower had a figure on top of all images I saw, so I needed a figure... But creating humans is very hard and nothing for me, so I chose a model from a free download site. She had no clothes, needed some, so I created her some :).

Finally it looked like this. However I had problems with the clouds, the fog and the horizon as you can see. Also the ship became a ghost ship because I was a little to lazy to create many details when you maybe even won't see it.

New Clothes, New Style

To give my model better clothes in a nicer environment, I designed and modelled for the woman new clothes. Around her I created a kind of sci-fi surrounding which makes her look pretty futuristic and gives her more elegance. I also created bones in her, but used them only very few, because there are ugly effects if you stretch a special part to much. This project was done in cycles as you can see and accordingly it has really nice shadows and lighting. Also you should see a development: I became better.

Icy Room

To test new things like normal maps, I created a new scene, same woman, a new crone. As you can see there is a bed out of ice with chisseled hearts in it. On it you can see the soft cover and fluffy pillows. Everything together in a room of ice!