New project idea I quite like, quite social :)


( additional:
+ Estagency needs a 1.2 update (I've two to three things I'd like to add XD)
+ I added curves to my Blender-to-Own-Converter :), from Blender curves to SVG

174611504s ago, by Antonio

and then the Android API doesn't work as expected
different both on my phone and the preview…
this ofc delays updates… really dislike this, didn't want to have to use OpenGL plus I wanted to use my curves, which now no longer work…
plus I can't use OpenGL easily, because I need many instances…
(plus OpenGL is slightly buggy when changing to another window…)

after being at University my motivation to do it… is at quite 3% I guess… (maybe I hate people, maybe…)

and I found another little bug in Estagency :)
(because I hide some objects, however the view isn't reset, so they are invisible when they shouldn't be)