WhatsApp is going to show advertisings, so I am going to open my own and therefore my website finally gets SSL :)

I wonder what problems I'll experience with Estagency-Requests, because they are POST requests and I had problems using the default API, wrote it via my own server connection… It's not that dramatic, because nobody uses it anyways XD.

172572259s ago, by Antonio

Hey, being at let's encrypt, and having seen my provider wants 100$/year for the certificate, I am going to say f*** * and change the provider. -> luckily for them they supported let's encrypt on their own and https://phychi.com works now :D

I'll maybe take another look at it tomorrow… then hopefully it'll work…

You can check the status of the installation by checking https://phychi.com and https://chantez.de :)

atm it's just self signed, I hope that fill be fixed :)