I solved my "Mascot of Blackbeard" challenge / level :D, with accuracy of 99% (I'll consider that perfect and done :D).
The level is about remembering a value for the next round, with the use of only neurons.

This truly shows that the neurons are Turing complete.

The app for download and trying yourself: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.antonio.noack.aiquiz

180915778s ago, by Antonio

Explanation (yes, you can't see the activation functions, only the weights and saved values) :

On the top left, there are two comparators. If one of them registers a change, multiple things happen:
- an accumulator is recharged (bottom triangle),
- the old value for comparision will be deleted (set to 0),
- the gate for the new value to come through is opened,
- the old value old value is rescued to the right side

For the overwriting on the right side, first the old value is set to 0 by adding -100*new value to the value, then it's overwritten. (the node only accepts values from 0 to 1)

Her output will be given to the final output.

For performance reasons I should create a mechanism that kills the accumulator if it's at some low level, because because of it the network doesn't terminate.