Got 100% in Decide 3.0! :D (xor-ing three values with ai | maybe I should somehow show the configurations of the nodes directly, too...)

The logic is simple: if all three are lighted, or one and not two.
And yes, I haven' t played that level before, because this game is not about finding the right solution, it's about finding one, a real problem solving game, and creating the tasks is way easier than to solve them.
(if 1$ is tooo much, wait one day ;p)

177533940s ago, by Antonio

and there is a really really complicated riddle in the pack btw, remembering the last value; and it will be calculating "all" steps, so no simple slow propagation is possible. And I still need somehow multipliers, floaty and binary…

(it's in the first third of the boolean-math twig | and I am still kind of sad that the sensors twig is soo small, hopefully will extend it soon to be able to process more than single values, the real use of modern sensors with ai :))