Novice/Summer Sale for SecuCalc :D
(as soon as the AppStore updates it XD | 1€ instead of 5€ | maybe will keep it until I have 10, 20 or 30 users, idk yet :) | I might go to free, too; if you wish it and don't have the money to buy it… or just want to take a quick look; or maybe I'll create a 30 days trial for an online version like WinRAR ;D)

and don't worry, I've still have updates planned (besides it's already pretty nice)

It's a sale to get some users, and hear their experience, and their problems, so I can extend the features if needed :)

Planned as next things for the app are:
- really, really big numbers
- calculations on the GPU to be faster
- sliders for functions on the plotter, so you can see the transformation of the curve without typing that much :)
- analytic calculations; I've already started, but they are hard to add, especially for integrals...
- a function for setting the computational patience? ()
- plotting of 2D functions? (already kind of possible, because of the vec function; calculating on the GPU will be helpful for that one, too :))
- maybe a PC version, maybe one universal for the web
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181365422s ago, by Antonio