First official update of the SecuCalc app :D.
- vectors of functions are now plotable
- some bug fixes related to compatibility of vectors and complex numbers
- some bug fixes related to the plotting computation complexity

The introduction offer is still valid, so get your app until it's a little less cheap again :).

Function which you can see in the image: vec(i*y+1/(1+x^2+y^2), *y, 1, -1, -.3).

Meaning of it: display the function f(x) which itself (at a specific x) is a vector with the entries labeled from 1 to -1 in steps -.3 and the value i*y + 1/(1+x²+y²). i*y is there to move the lines next to each other. The main function is 1/(1+distance²)
I indexed it from top to bottom, because until now the functions are drawn one after another on the 2D plane, so depth is ignored and otherwise the red function, even it's behind, would be shown as if it was in front of the others.
Ofc I'll fix this in a future update which will then allow you to rotate the view around the x-imaginary-plane, too :).

189930035s ago, by Antonio

+Lyon Vastɨa ah ok, XD.
My sister mislikes it, too, and a good friend I had some time ago really hated it, too.

Well i hate maths lol

189905561s ago, by LyonVasta

+Lyon Vastɨa xD

I study about ⅓ physics, the rest computer science, so there's no way for me to avoid it ;). Complex numbers aren't that special anymore, if you do so. In physics they are just helpers to write things easier down. (my former class mates surely would have agreed with you XD | and this app was quite useful some times to me already :), e.g. for unit conversion)

But there are people I know, e.g. some professors, which are way worse. E.g. some of them really love the theoretical stuff like proofs…

You sounds like a maths freak