As start of my holidays I published, and present you my calculator app I worked on the 2nd half of this semestre:
SecuCalc, and it can do quite things more than a usual calculator:
- there is a group mode in which you can calculate with your friends together, e.g. when you define f(x) for a task in your homework, your friend will be able to use that function, too
- there is an exam mode, which you could use with your friend to train, too: you can disable functions like sin(x), and constants like pi, so they really can't use it, which would be helpful in analysis or numerics
- there is a spreadsheet mode which is synchronized with the calculator, so you can input bigger data pretty nicely. I'll probably write my own keyboard for this app later, too, so putting numbers into the calculator becomes easier
- there are many many functions, and constants predefined, often including examples how to use them in the help
- as said, there is a help, which is quite big, and you can find all the important functions, and constants there; basic syntax examples to get into how to write things, too :)
- ofc there is a plotting mode, so you can display functions
- units for natural sciences (SI + conversion), and matrix- and complex number calculations are well supported :)
- no advertising inside the app :D

For the first week, it will cost you only one dollar :D.

It's translated into English and German. I might add French/Spanish one day.

(besides you on G+ probably no one will recognise it, so it's kind of a special offer for my followers :D)

Yours Antonio
SecuCalc – Apps bei Google Play

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