I made a RPGMaker (for my sister). If there is interest, I probably will publish (and translate into english) it :). However I'll need to make a little tutorial too...

The images are not from me, the layout, and colors is.

203448058s ago, by Antonio

+Dustin Van Tate Testa Thx :), I think I will translate it myself. It's not too much.
Just transferring it to mobile devices probably is the hardest part atm (still not that hard, doable :)).
Edit (hehe, couldn't wait to start): most parts are done :), few (however important ones, too) open;
It will be usable under http://phychi.com/rpg

I'm happy to help with code and English, however I don't know much of any German...

203444421s ago, by DustinVanTateTesta

I know a number of weeaboo/artist friends who would want to use this

This is actually rly awesome

plus it's written for laptops and PCs, not mobile devices, which I kinda have to change.

also because it was built for my sister, it will expect you to save your rpg on your hard drive (she wanted to be able to use it without internet connection, too).