It seems mcstats has become less popular, or less people are playing Minecraft? (about same rank for less players and servers)
Is there a nice (free) alternative to mcstats?
The screenshots are from the 24.01.2015 (as you can see) and today, the 17.01.2018, so nearly 3 years later.

197430139s ago, by Antonio

+Dustin Van Tate Testa it's running on Debian 8 (if that helps you and you didn't already know it XD)

+Antonio Noack definitely less buggy than plasma 5, but idk about security of the os it's running on.

197317896s ago, by DustinVanTateTesta

+Dustin Van Tate Testa yes, kde4 :)

And with Microsoft buying in there are now 2 competing versions...

I mean Minecraft has been out for a while..