:), but I am still waiting for my credit card, and therefore my play store developer account. If I have it, it will be available there, too :)

It's a feel diary, more details tomorrow 12:00 PM PST :D.

205888548s ago, by Antonio

+Antonio Noack uploaded the first update :)
before I was confused… and did my homework


+Antonio Noack the phychi project is already over that.
AKISA is like Harry Potter Part 1 plus the Odyssée.

+Antonio Noack there are 133kB of pure code btw; and I usually don't make many comments.
It's equal to 1/3 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.

+Antonio Noack found another little bug and a missing translation which will be available in the first update :). I'll upload it when the app is purchasable: it's no big deal, just a collision thing.

+Antonio Noack and now the time is 12:30 PM... mmmh... wouldn't that be 0:30 AM or is it 0:30 PM?

and I already found the first little bug XD.
It's small, still...