The mini project is as good as finished :)

Well... its text is still German, however you should be able to work with it by clicking "Bearbeiten" which means "edit" and see the simple source code structure :). You can save and share it with your friends then.
You'll get an URL in the format of

Main url:

With a little trick, you can change that number to your own favorite:
Set a part of the source code as code=yourPasswordStringIn"" and id=yourWishedID, click on the main screen, back on "Bearbeiten" and as you can see at the first comment, your id is now your wished id.

202070293s ago, by Antonio

Mmmhhh... I need warranty, that it works in Firefox, too...

and yeah, the site is missing an impressum... if you came from here, the impressum is:

(and now I can do the part, I've to be well awake at... the purpose and reason for me to create this program)