The friedolin app (the exam and timetable management system of the University of Jena, it doesn't have a nice website for mobile devices and therefore I am developing an app... because some students wished for it) is growing :D
9/15 subsites already work well, 1 or 2 of them need improvement, the rest… has to be done yet.

and I like my design :D. Just the lower part, the empty one… idk how to fill it, what to put there XD.

(that's not my password length; I changed it for reasons)

and I am remembering my data ("Daten merken? (RISKANT!!!)"), because I am testing it and logging in there a hundred times… I prefer it that way.

(ofc it will be free because of my fear of copyright issues...)

208227658s ago, by Antonio

irgendwie bekomme ich da auch Lust, mein Sound->Vis-Projekt hochzuladen :)

(das Friedolinteam ist mir egal, wenn es sich nicht um die Studentenwünsche kümmert. Wenn sie die App unterstützen oder ihren Fehler einsehen, können sie mich ja im Team aufnehmen)

and it will be open source, because … well: it's are university students and therefore ask about the content