to see what's awesome look at the line numbers :D

209130391s ago, by Antonio

Got it working in JS :D
I've the vertices and faces and edges now at least;
not yet the shaders

but now I can start "hacking" on the rendering :D (omg... will become complicated, because I want it to be fast and this needs a transformation of the data… no linear one…)

Result: the syntax has become right for all 142k lines.
Just there need to be more super calls and some are wrong -> I gave up at this point: am rewriting the most important parts now; still it's nice to have for smaller libraries to convert.

The line btw seems to be the first with a cast: existing in Java, but not in JavaScript. (ofc it's not the first stop, still I jumped from ~500 to 130k; there were multiple things to do; the code isn't finished for sure anyways)