I wanted to try a new render with my new knowledge (original one was 3 years ago), and luckily found my old object;
and see what I found: DDA on the knife :D (mmh, there are two more persons understanding this abbreviation in the way it's meant plus all unknown stalkers ;D)
sick details ;)
and either I didn't know this time about the smooth surface rendering or the models lost it;

The nightly scene will be hard to make anyways;
and I probably should do homework instead ;D

209080291s ago, by Antonio

Und die aktuelle Politik diskutiert über die eventuelle bösen Wirkungen des Islam aufgrund Verärgerung (Jerusalem, Hauptstadt und so)… lächerlich… wozu eine Religion anerkennen, die dem Grundgesetz, also dem Wichtigsten, was man an moralischer Regel sieht, widerspricht? Hirnlos!

~ 146k lines of code until now… (without comments)
(not working yet; I've to fight some annotations and probably a lot of errors... | and yeah: heredity)

Java .Blend

as import engine for JavaScript of Blender files…
damn big files… but I need them for the shader algorithms to support the nodes as easily as possible for the client.

means that my next task is to either understand the code and code it myself, or transform the Java files to JavaScript.

it's not unusual for my projects to include multiple languages/development environments

und zum mal gucken, wie weit ich kommen werde… Alex hat mich abgelenkt und nunja… wenn wenigstens das automatische Friedolin-Login mal gehen würde hätte ich ja auch Lust, die App weiter zu machen…

Ganz untätig war ich aber nicht:

That's why I want a faster renderer (I hope that I have enough motivation… and I hope, that it will work with as good or better results, which is questionable…)

+Antonio Noack mal gucken, wie weit ich kommen werde :D
(let's see how far I can/will get :D)

And because Blender Cycles Render is so slow, e.g. because my GPU is not supported, I might be motivated to start a new project: Cycles like rendering, on the GPU, independend on the GPU itself (OpenGL, maybe WebGL, instead of CUDA)