For everybody who is annoyed of bad quality reposts: The way you find and download a better quality image:

1. Download the image.
2. If it's .webp convert it to png | png and jpeg and gif and svg are fine
3. Open Google Image Search
4. Drop the image into the search bar. You'll see that it's working because the field is changing
5. Wait for the results/press search if needed
6. Look through the results on the first page you see and the following page.
7. Look for the best resolution(s) and open the image/the site with the image. It might be that there is a even better quality on the site.
8. Download that image :3

8. Might not always work that easily. Click right with your mouse, select "inspect element" (or something similar) and look for a thing that looks like an image url next to the position you started. If you're lucky, that's the case for 99% of all cases, you'll find the right image.
In the rest 1% look for another page first; then either take a screenshot as png (meh, be sure it's png if it's no natural image!) or look for the loaded sources (it might be splitted in parts like for big G+ images) / free the canvas where it's drawn to and download it's image.

212923715s ago, by Antonio