Having experimental physics practical training soon and we need some statistical tool;

The one recommended won't compile for me, so here I go :D, my own program (coded yesterday and today)

- plotting
- histogram
- linear recursion
- curve manipulation (→ quadratic for x²+a, exponential recursion, and similar function recursion is possible, too)
- download with(out) transparent background
- load/save/delete locally
- load/save from the internet (24 hours)
- partly coloring
- switch x and y column
- column sorting
- calculated expected value, variance, standard deviation, sample mean and covariance over your own formula (e.g. x/y)
- error bars (write a / and then the absolute error behind your numbers)
- working on mobile devices :D

Maybe to do later:
- some curvy interpolation
- few more languages (English, maybe French)
- look at those variance functions again to be sure I did everything right… (sum(x²) vs sum(x) etc)

Feel free to use it :)
Statistics-Tool by Antonio Noack

213148527s ago, by Antonio

971 & 972 until tomorrow available :)
The unit titles aren't right until now.

Update 1.0.1:
- added error bars for the statistics column (à la (min-max)/2)