Most discussions about whether our world is THE real world and not a simulated world only think about whether we'd be able to escape for find errors or whether it changes something which is never the case.
To be honest all of my read discussions about this topic never had a result.

Let's change it:
How about yourself being in a "computer" (however complex this system might be) simulation, being tested as an exam, with the task to save humanity with your actions from destroying their own planet? If you fail, all your preparations from the past you don't know about are absolutely useless. If you win however, … well who knows what happens? It shouldn't be that bad ^^. You could stay here, or be transfered to there to meet important there-now-time decisions.

This computer simulation might have been created by more developed people than ours right now, maybe in the comparable year 3300. The there-real-time doesn't have to be wasted much. Maybe it's only few hours there.

Isn't it worth a try? :)

205180708s ago, by Antonio

I guess so

205180481s ago, by MichaelJennings

Tbh i dont know