Yesterday the internet wasn't really available and I had to use mobile data which then was used up pretty fast (and then is slowed down to 64kbit/s); So I decided to give this project a try:

to make it short:
There is a fast google search now :D. At least when your internet is slow or you want to safe capacity.

It uses ~7kB instead of 340kB per search.
Also if more than 3 are using it, it doesn't track you anymore (because I deleted all useless stuff :D, Google sees only one user: my server).

If you have fast a internet connection however, it is slower, because there is a server between.

The style… is survivable :D.
There is no search result preview yet. I might add some real time calculator :).
The next project step might be Wikipedia....

205396118s ago, by Antonio

and yeah, I was lazy at creating the icon XD

Update 0.0.2: calculator added, Javascript syntax used (eval :D)

Fix 0.0.1: special symbols like äöü are now understood