I don't believe in god, however I had the thought, that -- thinking about the Christians -- what if the heaven/hell are here on earth?

Where is the idea from that it's after the end of the life?

If we look at a perfect society-system, behaving nicely is like heaven and doing bad things is kind of like hell. Not after death, it's now! (if the system is good enough)

I thought about it, because I don't see god as non existing comic figure, it's more like a philosophical view about our world, with a lot of images (indirect things). There is a high chance that (haven't read the bible) :
1st: there are mistakes
2nd: things have grown too old, too old-fashioned for our society
3rd: things are missing, problems we have started to know in our time, which were unknown at that time

210880375s ago, by Antonio

+Antonio Noack yup. Its all a trick.

210801640s ago, by SeanCampbell

+Sean Campbell nah, not how the stories are told. Heaven is the paradise there, hell is the worst thing you can imagine, being cooked etc.

Heaven and hell are the same thing.

Im christian and really have does questions every day but still I belive that im not gonna say in earth

210874747s ago, by CheosAngae