1. I don't want to share things in other social networks
2. who the hell got the idea to make a signal colored bar on top that stays while scrolling and needs 10% of the screen
3. i want to see the comments instantly again!
4. I've to rework my profile gif :(

Pls share if you think like this, too; maybe they make a little option in a sub sub sub menue where you can change to the old version491

236143643s ago, by Antonio

+ I miss good date values on the right site of comments
f*ck you google! why....
gutefrage.net is ruined now, too

and I can see only 3 followed persons of others... meh.

230349413s ago, by PhychiTestuser2

- : edited comments aren't shown as edited -> are they??? stupid google!

found one good thing: images are displayed directly
interesting question: are the pics uploaded to google or allows that us to count real views?