It can't be that everywhere I am I've to clean up informatical systems...

School: select students in groups most efficiently; had been done by how clear the application was, then which groups are left
University: I am going to help those guy when they don't get a good website structure (shuts down for calculations completely # shuts down randomly # the sites itselfes are bad sent: every click everything from new even if no information is gained # for the selection not everybody understands how to put his data into + the student sometimes can't know what is meant because of that # the url bar is on selection sites too long(not needed) # the title should be Subname - Name, not Name - Subname because in default browsers you only see the start + the logo which equals a name (Youtube, TFBWiki, Wikipedia,, ... do it all right, the university wrong))

245168358s ago, by Antonio