Blue Planet in minecraft ;)
Took a bit of time to build (creative) but it is nice to see my house ;)

310086997s ago, by Antonio

cool nice earth sculpture your better at buildin then me the riddler i ment rillerblox on minecraft good work lolol

309907608s ago, by CaptainZingCpt

+Konrad Wandsleb u want one? ;)
Please be respectfull and link to me(on a server or in videos/screenshots(etc.)), because it is my work(and the one of my sister(never forget her ;) )):

It is saved as a .schematic for WE(because it is smaller than a world an easier to place anywhere(maybe you want to live in there))

+4Simplify I´ve made it(with my sister) and take a photo with Optifine( to see further)

+Eloise Williams about 4 to 5 weeks with my sister every second day some faces (used Blender to see, where the colors are and calculated a bit(WE can also help ;) ))

Great job, but to make your job a little easier, try the planet mod

310038802s ago, by KyleChristian

My gosh it's AMAZING! :O

310051955s ago, by AishaWilson


310082157s ago, by NoirFOS

I think its coo;

310083498s ago, by MatthewCox

Really? Isn't it enough for just the eastern hemisphere?

That's incredible