On the one hand I am interested in the results, on the other hand I know that it will need lots of tries and long time each, also a complicated information system and inspiration by young life.
I'll weight whether I am ready for creating a real learning complex artificial thinking system.
The problem in my head at the moment is, that the human brain (my comparrission) firstly has unbeliveable 7-9 months of time for learing the body connections. Still there are pretty few cells at the start which might let me accellerate the progress. Thought I am not sure how many connections, how many training, how many reflection by the body neuro system is needed for my AI to learn to life on its own in the snythetical body. Also I wonder how fast I can train the brain to accept new knowledge and/or connections...

I think that I'll try when I thougth a bit more about how my complex neuro system could build itself with a bit of help and a mother that shows its child her happyness about his success...

If there is a girl in the future who might think that pretty close contact could solve my experiment: no not really, yes I want to found my own family one day, but I am also very interested in the progress inside a brain and complex informatical evolutionary system. - also it's not really about evolution. It's about fully automated pattern recognition by binary similar opperations betwenn millions or billions (maybe trillions) connections and their neightbor connections :)

Good night to you who read until here :3

249722412s ago, by Antonio