Terrain, even if very basic, is generating now automaticly and I am here at a viewing distance of ~3000-5000 blocks (in minecraft viewing distance ~ 200 chunks), and 60FPS. Not farther because it's nonsence but I could if I would like to :). (got down to 50 FPS at a viewing distance of 50000 blocks :))
Shadows worked once, but yeah... not now. Normals and a day - night circle are working still at very beautiful colors needing only slightly improvements and clouds :) (very bright because it's noon and there's snow)
The numbers on the left are showing the number of vertices rendered in the scene for each "distance sized chunk area". My graphics card isn't the best one but it is planned to make the game playable on mobile phones, too.
The message on the right side is for the multiplayer mode. "Invite..." is showing up because no other players were found in that world. The servers will be 99% client based so nobody needs to worry about renting a server but me when the game grows public one day (for the 1%)
Also I am planning to implement no building limit so you can build without borders :)

251225741s ago, by Antonio