I misunderstood sth in informatics it seems D:
I thought division in one step is inpossible... now I build it myself (with logical components in minecraft). It is possible! (it's like a beta: input is a bit cmplicated at the moment)
Why wasn't that implemented before??? Did I miss a detail - is there sth like max. 30 transistors in a row? I don't think so...
If it is worth sth... I... I fear it's not like I fear it is... The situation stays interesting...

256098987s ago, by Antonio

(PS it you would like to have the rights for it just pay 100Mio.US$ on my bank acccount at paypal antonio-noack@gmx.de every year :D I design you a version for 8 until 128 bits inclusive ^^)
(for Intel or Radeon staff ^^ ;D)