The first public release :D

Aviable in this version(Windows 32 or 64 bit):
- standart minecraft controls (walking, jumping, hurting, building, swimming (and chatting if turned on in config))
- the basic engine, so everybody who can write Bukkit plugins could write a game controller.

Todo for the next version:
- Control for 2D Games
- Updates for the minecraft control

If everything works right, you should be able to download the newest version on your own from the launcher :)
Don't hurt my copyright :) just advertise for it and me, not you ;D (you hopefully know what I want to say)
Webcam Launcher.jar

261539715s ago, by Antonio

+Antonio Noack Ok

261491407s ago, by ArfanAhmed

+Arfan Ahmed when you checked it out it would be nice to know whether it worked or not. When it's using a bit time to start don't worry: thats for the news and plugin4download lists.

I'll check it out