MyWorld server beta started! No data will be saved for the official release, but you can test the generation (90-95% working) and the engine with me :D

Because of it is a beta it may be stopped several times...

266191252s ago, by Antonio

+Adam Rosol thanks for your visit, trought... so I found the bug that you get teleported into the dream world when you die at the ISS (I never tought sb would jump from it)
and the riddle may seem a bit complicated first, but it's not: you just have you put a pice of paper in front of you and read the text to learn the rules + write down the numbers and the letters... at the end you will get sth like /access (not, it's not /access)
with this command you will get teleported into my nicely generated world
+ I will look how I can configure anticheat+ better

+David Tao :)

+Antonio Noack well 1.7 - 1.8 linkage might not work well, but I'll see what I can do

266177167s ago, by DavidT

+David Tao no I don't think I want to update because minecraft itself may got a better renderer with 1.8 but for me with optifine it became worse (also there are no really useful things added (updating means a lot of work, too))

+Antonio Noack any plans for 1.8?

+David Tao I got it from Bukkit (from the time they were accepted by Mojang)
The server is running on 1.7.2

+Antonio Noack just wondering, where did you get your server file? Spigot?

+David Tao I'll think it over (because on my server, you get only to the spawn if you died twice and truely it may help to get players but I don't know where to put the signs... (my spawn is a little space ship with the signs of the rules...)) I'll decide until Xmas :)
Thanks for the offer and the information how it works(I've know that you can jump from one server to another but I didn't know how they do it :))

But you are allowed of course to link to my server ;)

+Antonio Noack​​ k, all I do is add your IP to a list of IPs in my server config, and then you when you use the IP to my bungeecord, you can choose to connect to your server or mine

Kind of like what mineplex does

I would need to make a lobby first though

+David Tao Then what exactly do you mean with server link? I only know a server link as sth like a url (how can sb join such a thing?)

+Antonio Noack I guess I could help, since we are in the same Boat

+David Tao ehm at the moment I try to find and fix as many bugs as possible on my server:)

Hey want to join my BungeeCord server link?

+Adam Rosol you are welcome :)


266189570s ago, by AdamRosol

+Adam Rosol yes I think so :)

Thanks! Will this still be online in about 7 hours? I'm in school right now, so I wouldn't be able to join until then.

+Adam Rosol now I added the address :)

How would we join?