Beta server project start :D
There are still problems that exist, but because of that it is the beta :D
Official start Xmas or New Year 2016

Notice in the real project I may not keep your data!
And I noticed the first bug... The spawn is "a bit" deeper than normally... let's see where the mistake is...343

267884895s ago, by Antonio


267424318s ago, by SamuelStrutt

+Rebel Cat +Shovel Sheep the project starts tomorrow(christmas) :)

ok thx

+Rebel Cat
but it is still the beta so I will delete the world before the official release
(you can explore at the moment or test the mechanics and recipes, but it is a bit useless to plan sth big + there is a riddle at the spawn which might seem a bit confusing first time(but it's simple if you understood it). The server will be released christmas or new year)

What is the Ip For the server i might do a youtube series on it look for my Channel

+Ancient dinosaur! xD if you see it in a way like this... I also deleted the world at least 100 times and all mobs with it

+Antonio Noack and let them fall...

267884057s ago, by GrumpyDinosaur

+Fernanda Medeiros yes? that's my name...

Antonio noack

267884464s ago, by FernandaMedeiros

+Ancient dinosaur! no I didn't kill them - I removed them before they could
and it was just a test to make heart effects

You kill them...HOW CRUEL ARE YOU?!