Looks like a nice reason to love winter :D
I set the seasonal cycle to 13.25 real days, to make a bit longer seasons :) (additionally if you can only play on weekends your seasonal experience stays the same: you'll have about 19 weeks for one minecraft year)

Snow is working like leaves decaying and respawning and I optimized it so that you can fly in creative trought the upper whole world without beeing kicked or lagging (a part of the nether world is still very laggy, sadly it is the hardest part of the game so it seems to be really impossible but I hope I can fix it to make it possible(even really hard))

266390142s ago, by Antonio

+Adam Rosol you can stay there in creative for max 10s. Then you get kicked (joining needs its time, too) Its a world nearly completely out of lava (a deep lava see as border to the end :) - with potions of fire resistance it should be possible but with lagg it isn't)

How laggy is laggy? XD

266348280s ago, by AdamRosol