I think it is possible to let start the RPG project until 2016 :)

my todo list (parts in german):
Test all generated regions
Caves, nearly done (obsidian holes? - makes the way to nether to easy)
Done: Chat
Done: Plotsservice
Done: Xray control via anticheat+
Recipes for Conquest + support of this
Done: Snow, Leaves
Todo: improve snow, spawning of snowmen?
Done: Effects of own recipes
Things in code with "!!!"
Done: Oase, Obelisk, Pyramide
Todo: irgendwas für die Vulkane, Dungeons, vllt Tempel
Done: Policethread running?
ruins improving?
Done: plots visualizing
mehr Dekoration
Lianen muss es noch irgendwo in der Welt geben...
Can get all blocks?
Missing: Melone, Lianen, Spinnennetz, ...?
mob spawn system
https://www.bisecthosting.com/ looks good :)
donation button ;)
Done: nolagg compatible? -> integrated
Todo: check if all done
extra marriages?
By King via ranks
spawn ender dragon
Done: Ritual, Make strong ender dragon
Maydo: spawn effects?
bug fixes
Done: tp between worlds, ...
Open: items
Done: buy/sell/rename plots as king
Todo: more :)
bot. Garten
Extra Herausforderungen zum Sammeln(maybe):
Läufer 1km, 10km, 100km, 1000km, 10kkm, 100Mm, 1Gm...
Schwimmer, Flieger, Springer,...
Mörder 10x, 100x, 1000x, 10kx, 100kx
Zeit auf dem Server (naja)
Miner 10x 100x 1kx, 10kx, 100kx

+ Belohnungen :)
Geld / Dias / seltene Stoffe
Geschöpfter Wert berechnen lassen xD
Done: AfK

so you see the project is in work and problems get solved but new ones are spawning everywhere :D

In the picture you can see the dragon spawning ritual for the middle size dragon :)

267317235s ago, by Antonio