If I have free time next time (without background noises), I may make a little stream to show the server :) - stream and not youtube video because I want that you can pose questions and I don't have to cut and render the video ;)
In the stream, we can get such views, but they are nealy impossible to make, because allready without the streaming software, my FPS go down to 3 or 4 because of the render distance
when 95% of everything is working, I can release and open the server :)

273379521s ago, by Antonio

+Adam Rosol :)
today I remembered the different textures for one block my sister has shown me some time ago, so there is now the possibility to add new blocks to minecraft with resource packs (you may thing, ok there are about 100-200 blocks and these might be just another 100-200 with the same base, BUT you can create about 1000-3000 different looking blocks(+little variations) with the meta data values) - so can now make new blocks, too :D - maybe some technical things which grow better and better and even more expensive... (modding(not really but the result looks like it) only with optifine and a plugin :D)

Sounds Awesome!

273073815s ago, by AdamRosol

+Adam Rosol a hardcore - rpg - city project. And I don't like the height limit in Minecraft (you can get pretty fast to the bedrock level) and so I needed a new generator :) - this one generates from a real city (data by openstreetmap+nasa) map...
so I have to generate all the things I want :) (caves, trees, houses, dungeons(maybe), rivers/lakes, terrain surface, ores,special mobs only in their area (the nether and the end can be reached via digging down))
Today I teached the plugin to realize an ender dragon spawn ritual (build dragonshape+drop netherstar+click block(the "hearth" of the dragon))
for the rpg, all plots are generated from the map data, too (a house in real life will give you the shape of the plot - around you can build with your neightbors(because I don't have data about plot borders))
also, there are first seasonal features(snow in winter, staying in winter and decaying in spring + biome changes + growing factors(in summer much faster than in winter))

What exactly are you doing? XD