Hey, for my *63(Thank you guys and girls :D) followers, a little update about the things I am doing (I also have school + other projects :))

In the picture you can see the main tower of the server. Inside of it you can see the money of the king. When he pays for sth or sells sth, golden blocks are added or removed.
When you have more money then the king, you can donate this amount and will become the new king with the amount of money you donated as your kings money, meaning having lots of money, or beeing simply a nice king can extend your reign.(you also can let some money on your bank account; when you get overthrown, you will lose all your kings money)
A feature, I will add next time, is that the king can give ranks and their permissions.(Police, building on public places (bought with kings money), ...)

If you know a nice MC-Server hoster, please write in the comments :)
(the plugin needs some power especially for the world generation, mobspawning, and tp management between the layers)

The map still is from a real map in 1:1 (20km radius, behind is the exile/land without rules(except hacking/cheating)). All plots are generated by the map data, so you have a really great picture of a city.
Thanks to thunderforest for their ~136.000 map tiles (the offical support from openstreetmap stopped at ~2500 tiles)

I am still not sure wheter I should add dungeons(caves allready are in the nether and the end, but the big part below is still missing), because the main idea of this server should be the rpg and the more realism aspect

I also added some recipes for cheese, butter, armor and tools from them, beer, and sandwiches. If you have some more ideas, please write in comments, too :)

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