Hey World, hello biologists and cell scientists:

I would like to present you a program - developed by me - which can count cells from images as good as humans, but faster.
In the time it calculated, you can do what ever you want :)
Features of the commercial(not demo) version:
- working with color gradients
 - count every color you want: white as well as green, red or blue
 - preview of the calculation
 - variable cell sizes (max 1:7)
 - identification of uncountable areas
 - result as number AND image, which you can compaire direct in the DeltaFrame(last image) - every cell has its own color
 - let count multiple images at the same time
supported images:
 - jpg/jpeg
 - png
 - bmp
 - wbmp (unknown result)
 - gif (first layer)
 - tiff with the help of the ImageJ library
Planned features:
 - support of other formats, if you need them
 - calculate one image with more than one CPU-Core
 - calculate with the GPU, if usefull
 - working with batch scripts
 - maybe independence from Java
The program needs Java (about 1.5 or higher: only tested with Java 1.7 and 1.8)
If you have problems while installing Java on Linux, Windows, or Mac, there are lots of tutorials on the internet - if they doesn´t work, I´ll try to help you.
All texts inside the program, but the help, are written in english - if you wish a full german or frensh version, I´ll try my best to make you a this special version :D
There are other programs, which count the cells via the number of cell nuclei, but this is sometimes not the target and you want to count the real cells - so I programmed this :)

In the second and third image, you can see a area with green colored cells. You can count them with the program in about 9 seconds - there are 1211.

This are cells with muscular dystrophy and the dystrophin is colored red, but the program is unable to count these cells, because I am.

for a half year:
   for students: 40€
   for private persons: 60€
   for professors: 320€
   for whole instituts/firms: 32€ * (number of employees, students and         practicants)
   for a whole city: 16€ * (number of inhabitants + number of all                     employees inside the city)
for a whole year:
   1.7 * costs for a half year
for the whole life (not for students - for firms all the time the stay in the same company form)
    10*costs of a half year

If you wouldn´t buy this only because of the prices, let us haggle :D
Demo, Terms and Conditions, and Agreement on request.

Your Antonio Noack

63886619724s ago, by Antonio