At the moment, I am building a minecraft map out of layers on top of each other to have more space for holes, towers, mountains and things like that.
Because of that I have to use my own world generator - with the extra, that it builds from real world data.
When I fixed 90% of all problems and added some more hardcore, I may try to publish my own server. It you guess then, what city it is, there will be something special for you.

There are lots of hardcore features planned, but at the moment I need inspiration for the cave system (I have lots of space: 4600 beyond the city). If you have special ideas for dungeons or types of dungeons, please tell me :D

The layer system works pretty well, but there are problems, too :)
Information about the state system, all around the city and others later :)

If it works fine, I will make a presentation video, like for the video of my Th3D plugin.

In the picture you can see, that there are some problems with the bridges, but the rivers are fine :)

281909296s ago, by Antonio