This is a litte island state in europe. In the background is a bigger half-island, but you can´t see the whole thing because of the maximum view distance. Which state is it and which is the state in the background?

It´s a heightmap btw.: x and z ~1:200, y ~1:20

185025601s ago, by Antonio

Europe. Malta

184993612s ago, by SteliosMapping

I kind of want to say Hawaii xD

185004729s ago, by AdamRosol

It'll probably be Malta for us as well

185024021s ago, by Walht

Yes it´s Italy in the background and the islands are Malta(or is it called Malte in english?)

Oh it's on the tip of my tongue XD

No it's isn't Italy...





185024996s ago, by LouisWilson

+WackyWavingInflatableArmFlailingTubeMan no it´s not america



185025519s ago, by MCCJPE