another awesome picture from the front :)
(front part is missing because of max 32 chunks render distance(optifine))

291292342s ago, by Antonio

+Antonio Noack It would look like this( only in 3D Got it?

291076350s ago, by BoyBlueAndTheCartoonUniverse

+Boy Blue building fist, moving blocks, KI-trolling -> ???????????????????????
moving blocks would be there if you build, set 0, build set 0, ....
I can´t remember that I build a fist
do you mean minecraft or RL villagers?

+Antonio Noack   1 you were already working on this project, 2 Did you see that block motion thing? I was Going to try a small troll on a villager later

+Boy Blue a fist - you mean this from hand and fingers? I´ll try to find one - maybe if there isn´t one modulate one by myself, but what do you need a fist for? (and why do you want to change yours???)

+Antonio Noack Then Can I change mine? Can you make a big fist for me? (in minecraft)

+Wild Skyz Thanks, your welcome :D