Wie bastelt man aus .obj-Dateien (Datei, die 3D-Objekte enthällt; aus z.B. Blender, Cinema4D oder Sketchup) Minecraftobjekte?

Falls es offene Fragen gibt, bitte einfach stellen :)

#th3d Mein 3D-Objekt zu Minecraft-Konvertierplugin :) wenn Fragen bestehen, einfach in die Kommentare schreiben Download: http://dev.buk

283034727s ago, by Antonio

+Dark Pit Shadow King four hours later of writting text... I have written a subtitle, which you can let translate by youtube(google), so that you can understand it :D

+Dark Pit Shadow King maybe I can write it, maybe make an english version...
24 min are a lot of text -> maybe I´ll make a version with english subtitle(if there is anyone who would watch that ;)) :)

+Boy Blue and because of I am in 11. grade my english is pretty well ;)
To prove my language I try to read game of thrones in english - it´s relativ high language, but you understand, what they mean :)
and it´s fun to understand nearly every person on earth :D

+Boy Blue I am german, but because english is the world language we have to lern it and then you have to choose another language at our school, too - et parce que il est comme il est, je parle un peu francais, aussi :)

yes i have one...  are you multi bilingual or something? I had to use Google translate to figure out what you were saying... oh wait.... DUH! noob moment.... Forget I asked.

283034023s ago, by BoyBlueAndTheCartoonUniverse