Problems with building
in october 30. 2014
I´ll try to rebuild it :)

291304338s ago, by Antonio

+Boy Blue xD and I created it :) the mistake came by copy and paste - to correct it I simply changed a to c and b to d :D


lol. just kidding.

291259026s ago, by BoyBlueAndTheCartoonUniverse

+Boy Blue The mistake was that I calculated a wrong distance - instead of building n blocks(AB*1.4) from a to b and n2 blocks(CD*1.4) from c to d it used n for both. Because of that there can be blocks missing, if you have very large faces

+Boy Blue no, you dont have to excuse - I allready tryied to build it in the past and this motivated to find the mistake :) - now large faces do work :D

sorry, I just wanted to see you you get popular with this.... seeing how it won a sketchup prise.