do you were there(south africa)?

if you want to know the building time: 12 seconds, time to take that photo (flying around): about 7.5min
preparation: 15-25min

125479499s ago, by Antonio

O ja

124865387s ago, by KuBa


That's so cool

125416187s ago, by VishalVeja


125417899s ago, by JessyEnStary

was that built in creative?

125429498s ago, by HollzDollz2190

wow that is SO good!

125432655s ago, by Sarah

+Boy Blue 1. you could try to build it by yourself
2. I allready tryied building it, because it´s very cool(30. october 2014), but I had problems with these large faces: -> I´ll try to build it again - maybe with some chunk loaders :)

7:53 edit: I hope I could fix the big faces :) - found a mistake

Super mega

125433977s ago, by

holy hell

125447774s ago, by RebelAssassin

Fantastic build!!

125448581s ago, by EthanColeman


125452584s ago, by SssniperGames


125464063s ago, by AgustinZamorano

+Antonio Noack  may I make a request?

125464557s ago, by BoyBlueAndTheCartoonUniverse

sooooo big

125466010s ago, by SlimeyGamer42

+New Gen yes I am faster ;)

+Mohammad Amaan Siddiqui yes. I need 12 seconds with one 2.5GHz core
It´s build by a plugin, I wrote and no lie!

You used Mc edit

125467688s ago, by MartyMcfly

I like it! :D

125469831s ago, by DonovanPiko

+no u :)

wow :-)

125471646s ago, by NAYELIVazquezRamirez


125471814s ago, by StudioHoubika

Freaking hackers :3

125471956s ago, by noU

Oh, I see

125473476s ago, by GrantTheGreat

+Grant McGowan like you see in the text: 12s(10967 faces), build with my own plugin, like you can see in the comments

Thanks, wow, How long did it take to make it

holy moly thats huge

125474323s ago, by bravenWolf


+Grant McGowan yes it is - and the place, where you are, is the minecraft community ;)

Holy cow that rocks man that is Minecraft right 

+Boy Blue Yes :)

muito fixe adoro, esta um espetáculo, só gostava de saber quando é o próximo jogo se for um jogo do porto eu vou. EMOCIONANTE
:-) ou :-(

125475414s ago, by CarolinaRibeiro

+Antonio Noack  So I take it that the plug-in worked! Yea! I mean… I had a suspicion that it would work, but now, We can all use SketchUp to create epic buildings in Minecraft!

Blender + Sketchup+Bukkit(1.7.2)


125477536s ago, by temporalOdyssey