Do you belong to a religion?
Moscow Basilica build by me :D - great house to life in ;)

and created for sketchup warehouse by Enrico D.

288001652s ago, by Antonio

wow that looks amazing!!! You are a really great builder!

287804468s ago, by GyroVerse

+Dill Smith I created it with an own plugin, so do you mean the plugin coding or the building progress? the plugin needed its time, but it is pretty fast: maybe 20s
but you have to convert the files, if they are not in .obj - throught sketchup from .skp to obj, then with blender to triangles(or per plugin in Sketchup), so there is a preparation time

How long did it take you to create that??

287832857s ago, by DillSmith

Lol I am building it in creative but I will make a smaller one in survival

287849735s ago, by JeffMickle

+Jeff Mickle :) do you build your city in creative? if you do so, my plugin wouldn´t be that cheaty ;)

Good Job*

But good jon

Lol well +Antonio Noack it still looks amazing no mater how fake it looks I mean it looks that good that it looks fake.

+Courtney Schlutz

But Shinto and Tao contradict each other...

287876022s ago, by JasperMoh

I'm in the Shinto and Taoism area of spiritual belief. That looks really nice, btw. I love the waterfall to the left.

287938435s ago, by EviStiles

+Jeff Mickle :) It is half a fake - I use my own plugin to build objects in minecraft from obj files(you can export from sketchup for example) - #IAmProgrammer  :D

I would say fake, but I know it's possible. I mean I'm currently building a city. So I shall not doubt. Good job I say. Good job.