Testing with ocean high maps - there are really a lot of deep holes O.O

283549651s ago, by Antonio

+Antonio Noack Nice,although The interpretation of the map used a mercator projection,the part of the equator line somehow is equally big as their true comparision part,or is it that they used a gnomic projection,i wish you can continue this project to another whole new lvl

283548647s ago, by stevieYanuza

+Mundo Gamer I wrote a plugin to generate the world - the data is from OpenSeaMap - I just looked into the page code and worked with their links

+Antonio Noack i see,still close enough

+stevie yanuza :D openSeaMap is the source - the reason for this is, that the area there is very flat

Como você fez isso

283549031s ago, by AdrielHigor

Also the nordic countries are wrong too

+Antonio Noack almost accurate yes? Except for South east Asia

+stevie yanuza yeah the high of the continents is over the normal value because of the card data(they wanted to show, what is ocean and what´s continent)

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