Guess, where this is - it is a very popular mountain, but the data isn´t that great(every 2km a point - world wide), so it has very smoothed terrain

278493440s ago, by Antonio

+Yvette Hammer I don´t said it is most - it is just very popular: It is the Matterhorn from Switzerland
(Mount Everest is to large for 1:20: the Matterhorn is 4478m large: 224m in minecraft, the mount everest with 8848 would be about 442m high)

It looks like that, because the terrain is (like I said) cosine interpolated

Oh. x3x Now I feel dumb.

278490699s ago, by AlisonZhang

+Alison Zhang it is in minecraft

278491354s ago, by stevieYanuza

Why does it look like it belongs in Minecraft ._.

+Yvette Hammer Omg i din't think of that

Mt. Everest in India.... He said the most popular.

278492652s ago, by YvetteHammer

+Antonio Noack I can't really think other mountain beside urals mountain and one near turkey

It is scaled 1:20

+stevie yanuza no, but it is on eurasia

Ural Mountain?